TracknWatch Rapid Observations Group

TracknWatch Rapid Observations Group delivers mobile live streaming services from anywhere in the world using an extensive network of trained observers.

Using a sophisticated smartphone app, observers live stream video and audio from a smartphone to a secure web based monitoring console.

The console tracks and displays the observers exact location second by second on a detailed map whilst also displaying a high quality live stream from the observer of the event or incident the client wants to monitor.

Whether it is an accident, civil unrest, covid 19 monitoring, emergency services, a weather event or you just simply want to see a live streamed video related to your business, trained observers are located in strategic areas across the world and able to respond quickly with a live stream video to put our clients there at the scene 24 hrs a day.

Pick up the phone and call the request number with the details and we will let you know immediately who is responding and you can login to your own secure web map and live track the observer travelling to the requested location with a live “as its happening” video stream directly from the observer who will prove details and a description to support the video stream.

Observers are completely mobile using our sophisticated phone app they can access most locations as long as there is a sufficient 3G/4G/5G signal. From mine sites, aircraft, vehicles, on foot, trains, buses, buildings we cover them all.

Below is a selection of non sensitive featured live stream videos from our experienced team of observers which are updated daily

All videos are securely live streamed directly to our clients."



HOTLINE PHONE 1300 656 735
International phone +61 417 189 341
Postal address
PO Box 154
Kalamunda WA 6926 Australia

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Call 1300 656 735 for more information and if you have great observation skills, a late model phone and meet our strict requirements for group members please email or phone us.

PH: 1300 656 735


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